Golden jubilee of the blog: 50 published articles

There are already 50 articles published in this blog. At a rate of 1 article per month, it has been 4 years of writing about aspects related to renewables, product management and marketing from a personal point of view, but trying to be rigorous and provide something of value to readers.


I cannot hide the fact that far from being an obligation, writing these articles is a pleasure, even if it takes some effort and discipline: thinking about the topic, researching, writing, revising, translating and finally publishing it. But the very positive feedback I receive from you, as well as the satisfaction of sharing my modest point of view on issues that I believe are very relevant, more than compensate for the time spent.


To celebrate this milestone, let’s get nostalgic and look back at some of the articles that, for one reason or another, have had the most relevance.


Ranking of most read articles

With the invaluable help of Google Analytics, we have made a ranking of the 5 most read articles in these 4 years; and like any ranking worth its name, it must be in countdown mode:


  1. Offshore in Spain


Published just a year ago, it reviewed the offshore scene in Spain, highlighting that, although the interest and media coverage is very important, there is still a long way to go and that it is unlikely that we will see a commercial offshore park operating in Spain in this decade… and one year later the situation has not changed much.


  1. Record Turbines


Published in July 2020, it had an immediate impact through Linkedin, where it is still one of the most viewed and shared posts on this blog. It also somehow inspired some specialised articles like this one by the great Sergio Fedz Munguía in Xataka I have to say that it is probably the article I enjoyed the most while preparing it. In fact, the experience was so good that a year later a second part was published, which was also well received.


  1. WindEurope 2022


Published a month ago, this personal view of the recent WindEurope fair in Bilbao has been one of the most viewed articles in the history of the blog, as well as being the linkedin post about blog articles with the most reactions. As a curiosity, this article includes the now famous table of OEM results that went a bit viral in social networks and has been the most shared in my brief (but intense) life on Linkedin.



  1. Raw materials


The silver medal in visits goes to the article that almost a year ago we dedicated to the impact of rising commodity prices and their impact on renewables. Unfortunately, the article has not lost its relevance and we are witnessing a major supply chain crisis partly caused by this brutal rise in costs.


  1. Clash of the wind titans



The article published in March 2021 on new offshore turbines has been the most read article on the web. Part of this success comes from the fact that it is by far the most viewed article in its English version. Once again we come up against the mysteries of search and social media algorithms. As can be seen in this ranking, offshore wind awakens a lot of interest among the readers of this blog, as in addition to having 2 articles in the top 5, other articles such as the one on floating offshore developments in Spain are also among the most visited.






It is clear that wind energy is the most popular topic in terms of number of articles. Among the articles related to the wind market, technology and offshore, wind publications accounted for more than 40% of the total.


The second most common subject of articles was renewables in general, with 26% of the publications. Two series of articles should be highlighted here: those dedicated to analysing renewable auctions in Spain and those dedicated to reviewing renewable statistics in Spain. These compilation articles, which are published punctually at the beginning of January, are the most labour-intensive but also the most complete.


The third most used subject has been product management, with topics as varied as trademark registration, NPS or CI tools. But the article with the greatest impact in this area was undoubtedly the 4 most common mistakes when launching a new product, an article published in January 2019 and which is still being read.


As a curiosity, reviewing the 50 articles, in 8 of them lists or rankings are used in their titles (in the purest clickbait style) as in the 4 big challenges of wind energy or the 6 technological trends to follow in solar PV


Well, so much for today’s dose of self-praise.  It has been a pleasure to share these articles with you these 4 years and I hope we will reach 100 milestone together!