Madonna: Like a Product

What is product management? what does it consist of? how does it help to improve the competitiveness of a product? Some of these questions and others I tried to answer in the first post of this same blog but it's clear that either I wasn't very clear or it wasn't very read because people keep asking me what WeMake does. So I will try to explain it better through a case study: Madonna. Product management references have changed over time. In the 1980s, large industrial conglomerates such as GE or Siemens set an example in the handling of various successful products. Who would now be the benchmarks in this field? Everyone thinks of Apple as a great brand and product creator, but I think that the ones who are best managing products right now are the sport&artist management companies. Large players such as CAA or Excel mgmt are probably the ones who more intensively deploy all the tools of product management and marketing.

#HelloWeMake launching event

Last week there was a global impact event and it was not in Russia but in Pamplona as we celebrated the official launch of WeMake surrounded by family and good friends. The informal event took place in the Nainere hall, located in the old part of Pamplona. During the evening the guests were able to enjoy an snack with good drinks and there was even time for a brief presentation of the new project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who came here for sharing their enthusiasm for the new project and I am sure that this is only the first of many future celebrations.