Independent consultancy
in renewables and
energy transition

Consulting on product
life cycle management
and LCoE

Assessment and due-diligence
services for wind and
solar PV projects

Recent updates

Electrification: the limping pillar of the energy transition

Electrification, renewables and efficiency are the 3 pillars on which the energy transition is based. The problem is that while renewables and efficiency are advancing fast and with great prospects, electrification is slower and threatens to slow down the energy transition.

Pumped Storage Hydro: the storage giants

When all eyes are on Li-Ion batteries and other alternative technologies, many are surprised by the fact that more than 90% of the world's energy storage capacity is pumped hydro, a technology with more than 100 years of history and still at…

1,000 GW of wind power: the 4 big mistakes and the big opportunity

Already 1,000 GW of wind power is installed worldwide. This is an impressive figure considering that large-scale wind technology started some 40 years ago, but it is even more impressive that, according to all forecasts, we will see the second…



Consultancy in developing renewable projects

Customer profile:
Company with funds that wants to enter the renewable promotion business

Select the best strategy to enter the renewable project development business in Spain

Strategy for entry into the offshore wind sector

Customer profile:
medium-sized manufacturer of components in the wind energy sector

Growing the business by exploring new sectors such as offshore wind energy

Product Management

Customer profile:
Medium to large sized solar PV company

Growing the business by launching new products and entering new sectors and markets

Collection of customer feedback

Customer profile:
Wind energy company

Collecting customer perception while strengthening customer loyalty

Customers & Partners

WeMake Consultores

Adding value to the renewable energy business.

WeMake Consultores is a consulting firm specialized in renewable energy, focused on advising companies and investors in the wind, solar and energy storage sectors. We understand that renewables will only succeed in being the key piece in the energy transition if they are competitive and profitable.

More competitive products and more profitable projects will accelerate the energy transition, thus reducing the risks of climate change.