Wind and solar PV in Spain – Overview of 2022

For the fifth year, we publish a summary of how wind and solar power have performed in Spain in the year that has just ended. A year marked by electricity prices, but also by the spectacular take-off of photovoltaic solar energy, which seems…

Wind turbine manufacturers – reasons for optimism?

Are there reasons for optimism in the current downturn? We look for positive signs that could herald a turnaround in the wind turbine manufacturing sector.

Patent Wars

A Boston court recently banned GE from marketing Haliade-X in the US on the grounds that it infringes a SiemensGamesa patent. This high-profile case is, by now, the latest chapter in the patent wars that have been seen in the renewable market.…

Looking for trends in the financial results of wind manufacturers

We analyse the financial results of the last 6 quarters of Vestas, SiemensGamesa, GE and Nordex, looking for a trend that will give us a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Redecorating your fossil power plant with batteries

Moss Landing is the largest battery in the world, but it is also located inside a former gas-fired power station. And it is not the only project with these characteristics around the world

Exhibitions: 13 tips to make your product shine

After the pandemic, trade exhibitions are back stronger than ever, so it's a good time to review some tips to make sure your product shines brightly.

Golden jubilee of the blog: 50 published articles

The blog celebrates its golden anniversary with 50 articles already published, so we dedicate this month's blog to look back and review some of the articles that have already been published

Windeurope 2022 summary: few novelties, some pessimism and many nice re-encounters

WindEurope 2022 in Bilbao has been the most bipolar of all the fairs I have visited in my career: happiness and good atmosphere for the face-to-face meeting with colleagues in the sector and at the same time pessimism and frustration for the…

Solar potential by country

The distribution of solar PV capacity around the world varies greatly between countries and what may be surprising is that it is not always related to the available resource

World tour of countries without wind power

There are still 92 countries in the world without installed wind power. Let's take a journey through some interesting and surprising cases.