Product Management

Client profile: medium to large sized solar PV company with >200m€ annual revenue

Challenges: Growing the business by launching new products and entering new sectors and markets

Description: The challenges of the project focused on designing appropriate processes to make product management an activity that could be internalized and replicated in the future. To this end, work was carried out in the following areas:

1. Market and competitor surveillance: materials, procedures and resources needed so that this task does not become a one-off effort that is never updated.

2.Design of the product catalogue: analysis of the competitiveness of the catalogue and detection of development priorities

3.Product life cycle: design and implementation of the procedure that orders the life cycle of a product from opportunity detection to obsolescence

4.Launching new products: coordinating internal development with marketing and communication resources Currently all processes are working and are integrated into the day-to-day business of the company.