Collection of customer feedback

Project: Collection of customer feedback

Customer profile: wind energy company

Challenges: collecting customer perception while strengthening customer loyalty

Description: the project planned the regular collection of customer feedback and the design of a process with its tools to be able to use this feedback in the continuous improvement of the company. The project was developed in the following phases

1. Planning: complete process design, resource calculation and scheduling

2.Design of the questionnaire: it should be comprehensive but concise.

3.Interviews: depending on the number of clients, geographical spread and budget, it is possible to choose between online questionnaire or face-to-face interviews

4.Data analysis: data logging and advanced visualization of results

5.Action plan: specific improvement actions to correct aspects included in the survey

6.Action plan follow-up: collection of the main improvement actions and results originating from the survey results

The project was completed with a questionnaire design both online and in person and a presentation of results on PowerBI’s dashboard along with a proposed action plan to cover the points for improvement.