Commercial consultancy

It is estimated that, over the next 30 years, investment in renewables will exceed 400,000million euros per year, with the solar, wind and energy storage sectors being the most booming. Therefore, demand is more than assured but so is competition. The renewable energy sector is one of the most competitive and dynamic in the world economy.

And it is in this hyper-competitive scenario but with a multitude of opportunities that a good business strategy can make the difference. WeMake consultants offers services grouped in 3 main áreas

1. Market analysis

It is essential to know the market and the competitors before implementing any strategy. In this sense, WeMake collaborates with its customers in different projects such as:

  • Market studies: ad-hoc reports on specific sectors of the renewable and clean energy industry. These reports focus on the future potential of the market, as well as on opportunities and risks.
  • Competitor intelligence: regular reports covering both the financial and commercial side as well as the product and technology side. The aim is to keep up-to-date with market trends and anticipate the movements of the main competitors.
  • Price strategy: study of prices in a given sector with scenarios of future evolution based on business criteria.

2. Commercial strategy

Once you have a competitive product and decide to tackle a market, you must plan a commercial strategy to optimize resources. Some examples of services offered by WeMake in this area:

  • Marketing plan: marketing is much more than catalogues and brochures. It is everything that facilitates the sale, maximizes profitability and makes it sustainable. It includes everything from product/service communication policy, corporate communication plan or internal materials to support the sales team. The scope is variable but the important thing is that the plan is consistent with the strategy and capabilities of the company.
  • Expansion plan: entering new markets is very complicated. It usually requires a joint effort in both product development and adaptation as well as commercial and operational deployment. There are no magic recipes that will always work, so each case must be analysed individually.

3. Operational support

WeMake is not a consulting firm that remains in the strategies and powerpoints but has the vocation to collaborate with the client in the day to day implementation of the plans. Some examples of operational sales support projects:

  • Advice on negotiations: especially focused on large supply and service contracts for renewable plants
  • Sales team organization: from frontoffice and backoffice sizing to support tools such as CRM.
  • Sales tools: commercial processes such as sales funnel, order entry or opportunity characterization.