Competitiveness improvement

Everything starts with having a good product or service and the renewable energy sector is no exception to this. In wind power, a new generation of turbines is being launched every 24 months. In solar PV the product evolution is even faster: module companies that were market leaders only 5 years ago, no longer exist today.

In fact, as the sector is so dynamic and changing, product cycles are reduced, and it is more necessary than ever to have robust processes to ensure the competitiveness of the product. WeMake structures its collaboration in this field on several levels:

 From opportunity detection to serialization of the product, there are many steps to be taken to ensure that the product/service is competitive and all these activities are grouped in the role of Product Management. WeMake has developed and is developing projects in this area, for example

  • Development follow-up: when the development periods of a product/service are long (more than 6 months), it is key to follow up to ensure that the objectives are met and to avoid the new product becoming obsolete before it is launched. This follow-up is based on coordinating market information with the state of development.
  • Launch of a new product: specific plan to launch the product not only to the market (web, fairs, media, etc) but also internally (sales support materials, internal training, etc).
  • Customer satisfaction projects: customer surveys to gather feedback on the company and products and to be able to draw up improvement plans. Surveys based on both face-to-face interviews and online questionnaires.