Raw materials and renewables: the perfect storm

The impressive rise in the price of raw materials that we are seeing is affecting all industries, and renewables are no different. But let's take a closer look at the impact on wind and solar, trying to guess whether this rise is temporary or…
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Offshore wind in Spain

The recent news from Iberdrola and Acciona about offshore projects in Spain has reactivated media interest in this type of project. Iberdrola is even talking about having the project in operation by 2026. Will we really see commercial offshore…

Wind OEMs: 2020 financial review

Installation records, key role in the generation mix, floating offshore, green hydrogen... everything seems to be shining (or blowing) in the wind paradise except for one small detail: manufacturers fail to make money...

Clash of the wind titans

With the recent announcement of the new Vestas V236-15MW offshore giant, GE Haliade-X and SG14-222 complete the trio that is set to fight for offshore mega-contracts in the coming years.   In this article, we review the state of development…

All about the first renewable auction in Spain

All the details on the first renewable energy auction in Spain held on 26 January: prices by technology, winners, losers and future trends.

Wind and solar in Spain – Overview of 2020

We review in 9 charts how wind, solar and market prices have performed in Spain during 2020...spoilers: the solar grows spectacularly and the covid-19 marks the price of the pool

Utilities: from ugly duckling to swan

Utilities are leading the energy transformation with businesses increasingly focused on renewable energy, but oil companies also want a piece of the pie. Who is better prepared?

Wind and solar production forecasting, art or science?

Historically, generation forecasts for wind and solar projects have overestimated the resource. What is the reason for this excessive optimism?

Wind Test and Validation Centers: a strategic resource

A tour around the main wind test and validation centers in the world

Wind turbines with a 40-year lifetime?

One year ago, GE and TUV-Nord announced the first certification of a wind turbine for 40 years of lifetime, but months later, the market does not seem to have followed trend. What are the reasons behind?