Journey to the centre of climate change

An amazing Journey from total ignorance to reasonable doubts in the stormy sea of climate change predictions

CoP25, renewables and climate change

Taking advantage of the fact that COP25 is being held in Madrid, let's see how renewables fit into the puzzle of climate change.

The 4 big challenges of wind power

Wind power has a great future ahead of it, but this must not hide the great challenges that it has yet to address...

Auction prices and LCoE: shaken, not stirred

Rarely is the week we don't see news about record prices in both wind and solar auctions. Is the auction price the same as LCoE? what exactly is LCoE?

The 6 technological trends to follow in solar PV

I had the opportunity to attend the main solar fair in Europe, Intersolar Munich. With the news of the fair and the help of the technological report ITRPV of VDMA, let's review the 6 main product trends of the sector

What will the wind turbine of the future look like?

Wind energy is one of the key parts of the energy transition. What will wind turbines be like in the next few years? What trends can we guess in the market?

All about Senvion: analysis and future options

On April 9, Senvion filed for German "preliminary self-administration proceedings" in court. But how did this manufacturer come to this situation? And more importantly, what options are open from now on?

Top10 take-aways from WindEurope 2019

Last week WindEurope 2019 was held in Bilbao. As usual, there was time for product news, interesting talks, VIP visits, some disappointment...

WindEurope 2019 – Hot topics to pay attention to

There are 7 days to go before the start of the benchmark wind power fair in Europe, WindEurope 2019, and the main manufacturers are already warming up their engines for the great showcase that this event represents....

Offshore wind market: the tsunami that ran out of steam

When I started in the wind sector back in 2004, the imminent offshore wind boom was already announced. All market forecasts agreed that offshore would be comparable to onshore in a few years. But years passed and that moment was always delayed. Pioneer countries grew little and new markets did not arrive. The EWEA established in 2005 a minimum target of 70GW installed in Europe by 2020 but the reality is that we will reach barely 20GW. Today the offshore market is limited to 4-5 markets in Europe and China and does not even account for 10% of annual global installations. What has happened not to meet expectations? Last week WindEurope published a very complete report on the situation of the offshore sector in Europe that can help us to analyze the evolution and prospects of the offshore business.