Breaking-record wind turbines

A tour of the wind turbines that have set world records: the most powerful, the tallest, the oldest and many more...

The new era of energy storage

Battery energy storage is currently taking off as a real alternative to fossil power plants, is this really the beginning of the battery era?

Wind services: present and future of wind industry

In the current troubled times in the wind sector, when the main OEMs are announcing losses and cancelling their forecasts for 2020 due to the effects of covid-19, the O&M services business is the only one that is maintaining its revenue…

Hydrogen: the future of energy or just another bubble?

In recent times we have seen the resurgence of hydrogen as a key promise in the decarbonisation of industry. News of projects in Spain such as Iberdrola, Acciona or Naturgy have renewed interest in hydrogen. I still remember back in 2004…

Wind Offshore Turbines: Battle of the Giants

The new +10MW offshore turbine generation is already here and promises to change the future of companies like GE, SGRE or MHI-Vestas

6 charts to recap wind & solar in 2019 in Spain

6 charts summarizing wind and solar generation in 2019 and its impact on prices in Spain

Journey to the centre of climate change

An amazing Journey from total ignorance to reasonable doubts in the stormy sea of climate change predictions

CoP25, renewables and climate change

Taking advantage of the fact that COP25 is being held in Madrid, let's see how renewables fit into the puzzle of climate change.

The 4 big challenges of wind power

Wind power has a great future ahead of it, but this must not hide the great challenges that it has yet to address...

Auction prices and LCoE: shaken, not stirred

Rarely is the week we don't see news about record prices in both wind and solar auctions. Is the auction price the same as LCoE? what exactly is LCoE?