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Redecorating your fossil power plant with batteries

Moss Landing is the largest battery in the world, but it is also located inside a former gas-fired power station. And it is not the only project with these characteristics around the world

The new era of energy storage

Battery energy storage is currently taking off as a real alternative to fossil power plants, is this really the beginning of the battery era?

Wind vs Solar: duel in the sun

Mixed solar/eolica auctions are a current topic and news as the last mixed auction in Germany where the solar PV took all the projects in front of the wind make that more and more voices are heard advocating multitechnology auctions where, as is predictable, the solar offers unattainable prices for other technologies. But is this the right approach? should the price be the only driver? will the solar PV really be unbeatable in mixed auctions? for those who are short of time, here are the quick answers: Depends, No and Yes. For those who have a few minutes to delve deeper into these questions, here are some arguments ...

Are Energy Storage the new data centers?

A few weeks ago I was attending the most important solar fair in Europe, Intersolar, in Munich. In addition to solar energy, this fair is a reference in e-mobility and energy storage. And the feeling I was left with is that batteries and their applications for energy storage are the new market boom. And many of the things I saw reminded me of the dot-com boom 20 years ago when, among other things, datacenters emerged as a large-scale business model. And that flashback, in addition to making me aware of the unrelenting pace of time, gave me the opportunity to analyze this analogy a little more in depth.