Strategy for entry into the offshore wind sector

Customer profile: medium-sized manufacturer of components in the wind energy sector

Challenges: Growing the business by exploring new sectors such as offshore wind energy

Description: The company had a consolidated and competitive product portfolio in the onshore market but wanted to explore opportunities to expand the business in the offshore market, which is quite different from the onshore market in terms of size, supply chain and logistics. The project was planned with the following phases:

  1. Offshore market research aimed at identifying accessible market, supply chain and main technological solutions.
  2. Identification of experts in offshore projects to collaborate in the project.
  3. Organisation of workshops where the client and the experts identified potential niches where the company could add value.
  4. Final report with list of prioritised opportunities according to feasibility together with action plan.

The project was completed in 4 weeks and as a result specific commercial actions are already being carried out to attack the opportunities identified as most promising.