Consultancy in developing renewable projects

Client profile: Company with funds that wants to enter the renewable promotion business.

Challenges: Select the best strategy to enter the renewable project development business in Spain.

Description: The client had no experience in the renewable sector but had the funds and willingness to enter the renewable sector through the development or purchase of wind and/or solar projects. Given the client’s lack of knowledge of the sector, it was very important during the project to explain the basic fundamentals of the renewable business in Spain and the keys to profitability. The project was structured as follows:

  1. Meeting with the client to analyse their investment profile, expectations, capabilities, investment horizons, etc.
  2. Report and explanation of the basic fundamentals of the development business in Spain.
  3. Excel with scenario analysis of different investment options depending on the maturity of the project, quality of the resource, evolution of revenues, etc.
  4. Report with recommendations and suggestions for next steps

For this project WeMake collaborated with 2 other expert consultants from the sector to create a team with extensive experience in all phases of the development process