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Wind services: present and future of wind industry

In the current troubled times in the wind sector, when the main OEMs are announcing losses and cancelling their forecasts for 2020 due to the effects of covid-19, the O&M services business is the only one that is maintaining its revenue levels and above all, its high profitability. What is the secret? Are these profitability […]

Hydrogen: the future of energy or just another bubble?

In recent times we have seen the resurgence of hydrogen as a key promise in the decarbonisation of industry. News of projects in Spain such as Iberdrola, Acciona or Naturgy have renewed interest in hydrogen. I still remember back in 2004 attending a talk by Jeremy Rifkin, the guru at the time of the so-called […]

Commercial consultancy

It is estimated that, over the next 30 years, investment in renewables will exceed 400,000million euros per year, with the solar, wind and energy storage sectors being the most booming. Therefore, demand is more than assured but so is competition. The renewable energy sector is one of the most competitive and dynamic in the world […]

Competitiveness improvement

Everything starts with having a good product or service and the renewable energy sector is no exception to this. In wind power, a new generation of turbines is being launched every 24 months. In solar PV the product evolution is even faster: module companies that were market leaders only 5 years ago, no longer exist […]

Due diligence & Valuation

The renewable business is structured in generation projects whose development and execution are very complex and for which large investments are required. Therefore previous experience in operations of this type is very valuable when assessing opportunities and risks of specific projects. WeMake renewable consultants offers a wide range of advisory services to both developers and […]

Product Management

Customer profile:
Medium to large sized solar PV company

Growing the business by launching new products and entering new sectors and markets