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Solar potential by country

The distribution of solar PV capacity around the world varies greatly between countries and what may be surprising is that it is not always related to the available resource

Wind and solar in Spain – Overview of 2021

For the fourth year, we publish the summary of how wind and solar have performed in Spain in the year just ended. Although the final stretch of the year has been marked by the incredible escalation in electricity prices, in 2021 many relevant things have happened related to renewables in Spain: second renewable auction, offshore […]

Record-breaking windturbines – Part II

Here is the second part of last year’s article on record-breaking wind turbines, which reviewed record-setting models such as GE1.5, E-126 or Haliade-X. In this new issue we will review wind turbines that, for one reason or another, deserve to be included in the wind hall of fame.   The largest hydraulic power train: SEA […]